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Su Hong Eatery
Su Hong Eatery
4256 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306
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Su Hong Eatery

4256 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Many restaurants claim they put their customers first, but they simply don’t deliver on that promise. We do. We are Su Hong Eatery of Palo Alto, and since 1977 when we established our first location in Menlo Park, we have been dedicated to serving our valued clientele nothing but the most premium of Asian cuisine. Our name is derived from the city of Su – Su Chow – where our founder David King’s family hails from, as well as from the city of Hong, Hong Chow, where his wife’s family calls home. Both of these majestic cities are comfortably nestled on the east coast of Mainland China outside of Shanghai, and are renowned for their jaw-dropping scenery and culture-inspired foods.

Thus, therein lies the foundation for the incredible dishes you will experience at Su Hong Eatery. Since 1977, we have provided our customers the most pleasant of dining indulgences by using only the freshest ingredients and serving them with only the most hospitable of approaches.

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Further, Su Hong is committed to going above and beyond the ordinary restaurant operation with personalized service – your favorite dishes can be prepared to your specific tastes, our chefs able to adjust spices, flavors and even textures in accordance with vegetarian practices, allergies and more. Do you prefer no salt or less salt in your dish? Absolutely no problem. Are you more daring, enjoying a hotter, spicier experience? Just ask. Are you a vegetarian that doesn’t consume meat? There’s plenty of menu selections for you to choose at Su Hong.

Dishes such as the Xie Fen Xiao Long Bao – juicy dumpling with crab filling – and Shanghai Dumplings, thin-skinned with savory soup inside, are some of our customers’ favorites. Incredible smoked Tea Duck with a juicy sauce and small plate of rolled tofu sheet makes for a wonderful appetizer, while items like the Drunken Chicken, Snow Pea with Shrimp, Lion Head in clay pot, Sweet and Sour Ribs and Red Bean Soup Dessert will transport you from Palo Alto to the coast of Japan.

When in Palo Alto, join us for a Chinese culinary experience you won’t forget!

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